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URBACT is looking for its Senior Capacity-Building Officer

23 January 2017


URBACT III is recruiting a Senior Capacity-Building Officer who will contribute to the successful delivery of capacity-building and transnational exchange and learning activities to be implemented by the programme.

The Capacity-Building Senior Officer, under the responsibility of the Head of Unit – Projects and Programming, will be in charge of the following:

1. Capacity Building activities
a) Strategic Development of Capacity Building
· Contributing to the identification of needs for capacity-building actions through needs collection and analysis;
· Contributing to the design of the capacity-building strategy and coordinating a group of experts working on strategic aspects of capacity building;
· Contributing to the design of tools and actions (e.g. national training
seminars, URBACT university, etc.) including writing calls for tender for
service providers, assessing bids, preparatory meetings with selected
service providers, etc.;
· Keeping up to date with capacity-building and training policies and tools developed outside of URBACT for urban practitioners and policymakers.

b) Delivery of Capacity Building Activities
· Coordinating the organisation and delivery of the capacity-building actions (eg. organising training for service providers, active participation in coordination meetings and steering groups in charge of steering the design and implementation of the capacity-building actions, etc.);
· Coordinating service providers commissioned by the programme to support design and delivery of capacity-building actions (experts, trainers, training institutions, etc.);
· Monitoring and reviewing progress in the implementation of capacity-building activities, including design of evaluation frameworks (whether internal or out-sourced), conducting evaluation with beneficiaries, participation in capacity-building activities, etc.;
· Maintaining an archive of key documents and keeping records concerning project activity for reporting purposes.

2. Transnational Exchange and Learning Activities
In addition to the tasks linked to Capacity Building the senior officer will contribute to the development and delivery of transnational networking activities and shall be able to replace the Networking Officer when needed:
· Assisting in the design of calls for proposals and other related documents for the creation of networks;
· Contributing to the assessment process through participation in meetings and analysis of results;
· Supporting the Networking Officer in the production of timely project and programme level documents to support network implementation (guidelines and reports);
· Supporting the Networking Officer in the design and delivery of tools for beneficiaries to be delivered through training sessions in collaboration with other JS staff;
· Supporting the Networking Officer in the monitoring of network activities through surveys, analysis of reports and network results;
· Supporting the Networking officer in the coordination and management of the pool of experts, monitoring of experts activities and design of trainings for network experts;

3. Programme Implementation
The Capacity Building Senior Officer will:
· Assist the Head of Unit with preparation, implementation and follow up of the decisions of the URBACT III Monitoring Committee related to capacity-building activities and transnational exchange;
· Contribute to the production of the annual implementation reports in accordance with European Commission requirements;
· Collect interesting data to be included in the annual implementation report to the EC and in other possible publications (geographical data, city profiles, beneficiary data, programme level statistics linked to indicators etc.);
· Contribute to the Programme Monitoring Committee’s preparation on all issues related to capacity-building and networking projects;
· Contribute to monitoring the Programme indicators (result indicators, output indicators at programme level, performance review information, etc.);
· Contribute to the implementation of the Programme evaluation plan.


More information about the position can be found HERE


How to apply?

Send a CV (in English - Europass format) and a cover letter exclusively by email to: and

Deadline for applications: 28 February at midnight