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Quick Urban Forest Plus

Climate change adaptation, risk prevention and management
Main policy issue to be addressed in relation to the selected topic/theme: 
By means of the Implementation Networks call, European municipalities might receive funds to work together and find concrete solutions to the key challenges they face. In our proposal, we aim to establish a consortia of municipalities interested in sharing their experiences related to green urban planning and willing to cooperate in a transitional project. Urban forest and green planning is a timely trend of research and policy at EU level, an asset for succeeding in the call application. Main Project Objective To develop an Urbact-based cooperation project among southern European cities aiming to: i. Share urban forest policies and experiences between municipalities managers; ii. Addressing the challenge of optimizing urban forests management and establishment iii. Develop pilot projects as examples of how to integrate innovative solutions to both create and manage urban forests, and capitalize the ongoing Life+ project Quick Urban Forestation (QUF) results to other municipalities across southern Europe.
Is the project idea a follow up of a previous project? If yes, which programme and project?: 
Background on QUF project The ongoing Life+ project Quick urban forestation ( is working to promote reforestation in southern European cities (cities with arid conditions, surrounded by industrial or contaminated or poor soil areas with little vegetation, often located in valleys that affect air exchange and with a population that tends to travel on weekends to other places with better conditions).
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We are looking partners from Less Developed regions among the Mediterranean basin. Our consortia aim to support capacity building among Mediterranean cities in which climate conditions and soil availability bias urban forest planning. As a result, abandoned sites arise as alternatives places to create urban forest and fulfil citizens needs. Urban forest projects are key players to integrate green infrastructure and development into city planning projects.

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