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Opportunities and challenges of redevelopment and abandoned spaces

Environmental protection and resource efficiency
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The city of Pardubice is the implementation body of the strategy for Integrated territorial investment (ITI). Analyzes have shown the need to solve the problems of land previously used for industrial purposes or some commercial uses – abandoned spaces. We have identified the brownfield locations in our territory and we plan to elaborate a sophisticated scheme for its utilization. Our goal is to join a network which deals with problems of attracting entrepreneurs, creating opportunities or which deals directly or indirectly with abandoned spaces. The above mentioned strategy for Integrated territorial investment (ITI) aims at Hradec-Pardubice agglomeration. The agglomeration consists of two core cities, Pardubice and Hradec Králové and it includes 145 municipalities with 335 thousand residents. Hradec-Pardubice is a highly urbanized agglomeration and it is a part of NUTS 2 Northeast. Pardubice is an industrial city and Hradec Králové has a high share of tertiary sector. The vision of the strategy for Hradec-Pardubice agglomeration ITI is Competitive and attractive northeast agglomeration - regional pole of economic, knowledge and cultural growth. Two strategic objectives are set within the presented vision. The Strategic objective 1 – Sustainable agglomeration, is focused on providing measures for development of the agglomeration with the stress on mobility and sustainability. The Strategic objective 2 – Smart and creative agglomeration is focused on education, research, innovation, education and development of cultural and creative area.
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The city of Pardubice is looking for a lead partner and other partners to cooperate and exchange experience with the implementation of ITI and of individual measures of the strategy. One of the main policy issues was chosen abandoned spaces and sustainable redevelopment. But the experience can be shared within other themes, such as labor mobility.

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